Thank you for your inquiry. We currently are full for any new memberships to the club. Please contact administration office at 780-973-2200 or for information. 

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Become a Shareholder in 2023!

Initial Costs:

Purchase of Share: Prices vary with market conditions. Please call Administration office for details. 780 973 2200

Entrance Fee: $4000.00* if paid in full or $4250.00* if financed. Repayment terms available. Payable over 24 payments $ 2062.50 down and 24 subsequent of $100

*Entrance fee is subject to GST*

2023 Shareholder Golf Dues

Shareholder $3650.00
Intermediate Shareholder  $3075.00 (34 yrs of age and under)
Shareholder Spouse $2735.00
Jr. Son/Daughter Age 6-9 FREE (Restricted Access)
Jr. Son/Daughter Age 10-13 $475.00 (Restricted Access)
Jr. Son/Daughter Age 14-18 $585.00 (Restricted Access)
Son/Daughter Age 19-21 $950.00 (Restricted access, must be full-time student)

2023 Associate Golf Dues (no share required)

Associate $4650.00
Associate Spouse $3345.00
Jr. Son/Daughter Age 6-9 FREE (Restrictions apply)
Jr. Son/Daughter Age 10-18 $690.00 (Restrictions apply)
Son/Daughter Age 19-21 $1110.00 (Restrictions apply, must be full-time student)

2023 Unattached Senior, Junior and Intermediate Golf Dues (no share required)

Senior (age 65+) $3465.00 (Restrictions apply)
Senior Spouse (under 65) $2735.00 (Restrictions apply)
Senior Spouse (age 65+) $2510.00  (Restrictions apply)
Jr. Age 10-18 $795.00 (Restrictions apply)
Age 19-22 $1710.00 (Restrictions apply, must be full-time student)
Age 23-25 $2135.00 (Restrictions apply)
Age 26-29 $2550.00 (Restrictions apply)

Limited numbers of Associate and Unattached Memberships are available.

*All rates are subject to GST*