Sturgeon Valley in The 2000's "Taking the Club to the Next Level"

In 1999 a project was started to determine what options the Club had in addressing a river erosion problem that was threatening the 9th green. Over the years the riverbank was becoming unstable and a safety issue by the green became a major concern. After reviewing several options the Club elected to rebuild a new green, reconfigure the ponds and connect them with creeks. New tee decks were constructed on the 8th hole including a new forward tee. The riverbank erosion was addressed by installing a rock system and a new signature hole was opened in 2000. The golfing community in Edmonton area soon discovered the new hole and it was recognized as the best 9th hole in the Edmonton area in an Edmonton Journal article. The final product is not only a golf hole that plays tough but is also appealing to look at with the water falls, ponds and river views. 

In 2000 the Club began the planning for a major project that had been on the plans for years; paving of the parking lot. In 2001, the membership debated and approved the project which started and was completed in the fall of 2001. The project included the parking lot, cart paths from 9th hole to clubhouse, cart staging area by pro shop and cart path to first tee. Asking golfing members to invest $700,000 for paving was a difficult task but the response after the project was complete suggested this one change alone had moved the Club to a new level in the golfing community. 

For next few years the club faced challenges with drought conditions and growing concern with the availability of water particularly from the Sturgeon River. After reviewing several options in 2003 a new reservoir was built between the 3rd and 4th holes and was connected to the main reservoir and as well a back tee deck was added to the 4th hole. This reservoir expanded our water supply to 3 times what was previously available which is equivalent of watering the course for 30-40 days even in drought conditions. 

In 2004 the board decided to move forward with a new 17th hole. Concern over a retaining wall that needed to be replaced and needing to address drainage issues from the 10th green area, expanding the pond and replacing one oldest dirt greens on the course lead to a project to rebuild the hole from tee to green. The new hole was officially opened on July 1, 2005 and is considered by many to be the signature hole. 

In 2006, a member, Dave Rudge, brought a proposal to the board to redevelop the garden area by the first tee. The staff and volunteer members worked on the project the final result is an area that is inviting and welcoming to public and members. The area also includes a stretching area which is truly unique to Sturgeon Valley Golf and Country Club. 

In 2006, the club moved forward with some renovations in the clubhouse with the purchase of new furniture, new paint and carpeting. 

In the fall of 2009 the Club started the replacement of the irrigation system as well as the construction of two new forward tees on 9 and 18 to bring the course to a par 72 from all tee decks. 

As the Club ends the 2000's work has begun on developing a golf course and club house master plans to define where the Club needs to go in the future. 

There are two consistent themes that have kept the club moving forward. The first is a commitment to continuous improvement and the second has been the theme since the club was established to provide a place "where friends meet".